We Make Pantry Shortcuts

Our chef-crafted sauces & seasonings do the heavy lifting so you can get a delicious meal from fridge-to-table in as little as 15 minutes.


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So, what’s for dinner?

We created Zing because we were among the majority of Canadian home cooks who spend the better part of an hour preparing a weeknight dinner — an hour we didn't have, for meals that often lacked that punch of flavour. Learn more about our mission to make home cooking exciting minus the hassle!

Designed to Be Versatile

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Get Hakka-ish

This chili crisp has ruined all other seasonings for me, because nothing else is as good as this!

The Mogambo is such a great seasoning starter. It makes your food smell and taste amazing.

Love them. Each is distinct and will enhance whatever you are cooking.

It makes everything taste better. From charcuterie boards to chicken and salads. Amazing product

Delicious AF. I went through a jar of Hakka-ish Chili Crisp in a blink, using it on EVERYTHING.

Never knew I needed to up my salt game but so glad I found these tasty gems to take my food up a notch!