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To celebrate the launch of our new Mala Seasoning Salt, we're offering a limited run bundle featuring Mala and her three favourite chili-forward pals: Hakka-ish Chili Crisp, Buzz Hot Honey, and Boom Seasoning Salt. 

All our products are gluten-free, nut-free and made with plant-based ingredients, with the exception of our honey in Buzz Hot Honey. 

Mala Seasoning Salt (60g) is a collaboration with Vincent Ng, chef and co-owner of Toronto's Food & Liquor, which is known for its playful, modern approach to traditional Chinese cuisine.  Mala Seasoning Salt is an ode to Sichuan flavours and the word translates as numbing (má) and spicy (là). Our pantry shortcut take builds on these flavours with a nutty & aromatic twist from warm spices and toasted lentils popular in South India. This is our founders' most-used seasoning salt for a reason — it's addictive and incredibly versatile. More here. Spicy Meter: Hot (3/3)

Hakka-ish Chili Crisp (175ml) is our all-natural chili crisp that has a balanced heat and enveloping umami, with a slight tingle from Sichuan peppercorns! Our addition of warm, earthy spices like cumin and cardamom will guarantee that you'll be intoxicated by the aromas and flavours of this spice market in a jar! More here Spicy Meter: Medium (1/3)

Buzz Hot Honey (250g) was developed in collaboration with Chef Christine Flynn, bestselling cookbook author and executive chef at iQ Food Co. We infuse Canada No. 1 wildflower honey from Niagara, Ontario with a blend of chilies, spices and herbs like Aleppo pepper, lime leaf, lemongrass. We also added a dash of vinegar to punctuate the sweetness and make Buzz the versatile pantry hero we all love! More hereSpicy Meter: Medium (2/3)

Boom Seasoning Salt (60g) is an ode to Gun Powder, a toasted lentil and chili spice blend ("podi") popular in South India. With Boom, we started recipe development with an old family recipe for Gun Powder, and ended up creating a savoury, nutty, and spicy pantry shortcut featuring a blend of smoky chilis like Chipotle, warm spices, and toasted coconut. More hereSpicy Meter: Medium (1/3)

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