The Pack (Starts at $45)

The Pack (Starts at $45)

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The pack that stays together, slays together. Get one of each of our seasoning salts, the underdogs of the Zing line up, that are sure shots for that pantry MVP title. 

All our products are gluten-free, nut-free and made with plant-based ingredients, with the exception of our honey in Buzz Hot Honey, which we source from some of the best local beekeepers in Niagara, Ontario. 

You can adjust the makeup of your bundle among the products listed. To include different products, choose BYOB (Build Your Own Bundle). 

Ingredients & Common Allergens

Ooomami Seasoning Salt | Salt, Dried mushrooms, Spices, Sesame seeds, Dried seaweed, Garlic powder, Dried chilli peppers Contains: Sesame

Smoki Seasoning Salt | Spices, Salt, Dried mushrooms, Poppy seeds, Dried chilli peppers, Garlic powder 

Zesti Seasoning Salt | Spices, Salt, Sugars (cane sugar), Garlic powder, Citric Acid (naturally sourced), Onion powder, Dried thyme, Dried chilli peppers

Boom Seasoning Salt | Lentils, Salt, Dried chilli peppers, Spices, Desiccated coconut, Garlic powder, Citric acid (Naturally sourced)

Mala Seasoning Salt | Dried chilli peppers, Sea salt, Spices, Lentils, Garlic powder, Dried mushrooms, Sesame seeds, Sugars (cane sugar), Naturally sourced citric acid Contains: Sesame