All the Seasonings Bundle (Save 10%)

All the Seasonings Bundle (Save 10%)

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Partial to our seasonings? They're one-of-kind! This bundle includes one of each of our seasonings — a flavour for every occassion! 

Our seasonings taste just like they sound! Use them as toppers or in any recipes (browse 100s of recipes our website for some inspo!)

Ooomami Savoury Seasoning Salt | Salt, Dried mushrooms, Spices, Sesame seeds, Dried seaweed, Garlic powder, Dried chilli peppers Contains: Sesame

Smoki Garam Masala | Spices, Salt, Dried mushrooms, Poppy seeds, Dried chilli peppers, Garlic powder 

Zesti Jerk Seasoning | Spices, Salt, Sugars (cane sugar), Garlic powder, Citric Acid (naturally sourced), Onion powder, Dried thyme, Dried chilli peppers

Boom Spiced Chili Salt | Lentils, Salt, Dried chilli peppers, Spices, Desiccated coconut, Garlic powder, Citric acid (Naturally sourced)

Zing x Vincent Ng's Mala Savoury Chili SaltDried chilli peppers, Sea salt, Spices, Lentils, Garlic powder, Dried mushrooms, Sesame seeds, Sugars (cane sugar), Naturally sourced citric acid Contains: Sesame