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Vegan + gluten free pantry shortcuts that are designed to be home cooking hacks.

Our condiments and seasoning salts are chef-crafted in small batches and community-tested in Toronto.

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Hakka-ish Chili Crisp

Hakka-ish is aromatic, crunchy, spiced, and spicy. Adds a savoury kick to any dish! Yes, even ice cream.

Our all-natural chili oil is a union of the spicy goodness of Sichuan cuisine and the bold + thrilling flavours of Indo-Chinese cooking (first introduced to the world by the Hakka diaspora in Kolkata.) 

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Mogambo Garlic Spread

With our Mogambo Garlic Spread, expect a smooth garlicky sweetness, coupled with a bright, lemony tang. Mo' is perfumed with turmeric earthiness, and has a little spicy kick. 

Our spiced garlic spread goes well with eggs, curries, or just slathered on toast. Our community of recipe testers loved it as a pizza dip and with wontons. 

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Smoki Seasoning Salt

Looking to impress a date? Or just your own damn self? Whatever the occasion, Smoki gotchu. 

Smoki Seasoning Salt takes the guesswork out of rubs, marinades, and salad dressing. Makes a great *secret* ingredient in hummus (trust us), or use it to make your khichdi pop! So many Smoki possibilities!

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