Smoki Garam Masala (Pouch)
Smoki Garam Masala (Pouch)
Smoki Garam Masala (Pouch)

Smoki Garam Masala (Pouch)

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Smoki is a cumin and coriander forward take on a garam masala inspired by a family recipe for an Indo-Iranian blend of nearly 20 spices. Add Smoki to any recipe to bring warmth and complexity to a dish without the effort — it is a super hero for curries and stews, but holds it's own in less traditional applications, such as mixed into a hummus! 

Try it withStews and curries, rubs, marinades, grilled veggies, or sprinkled on hummus

Ingredients: Spices, Sea salt, Dried mushrooms, Poppy seeds, Dried chilli peppers, Garlic powder

Qty: 60g