Steak with Chili Miso Jus

Steak with Chili Miso Jus

Make a restaurant-quality steak at home for Valentines Day date night - the secret is in the sauce! This chili miso butter comes together while your steak rests, but will tastes like it took hours to pull together! 

Serves 2

Cooking time: 10 minutes



  1. Heat a pan over a medium high heat, add the oil, season your steaks, and cook to your desired doneness. Don’t cook over too high a heat, because you don’t want the bottom to burn, as we need this for the jus. 
  2. When cooked, remove from the pan to rest, and drain off any excess oil. 
  3. Add the water to deglaze the pan, scraping with a spatula to get all the toasty goodness off your pan. Add the Sacha-ish and butter, and reduce until it’s a thick, velvety consistency, similar to the consistency of cream. Place back over the heat for a couple seconds before serving if your steak needs more time to rest. 
  4. To serve, spoon it liberally over the steak. We served it with potatoes and charred scallions, but feel free to serve it with whatever veggies you like. 

Notes: We used a 10oz striploin steak, but feel free to use whatever steak you like, this sauce will work just as well with any cut. If you’re eating your steak well done (we’re not judging you), we recommend  making a little more sauce to make sure your romantic dinner isn’t dry.