Burrata and Radish Salad w/ Hakka-ish Chili Crisp

This showstopper of a burrata salad tastes as good as it looks and comes together in a snap!

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If you work in the corporate world, or went to literally any event in the "before" days, you'll know that veggie platter (with ranch dip) that frequently made an appearance at the buffet table. Now imagine that, but in a salad version you actually WANT to eat, not feel like you HAVE to eat because you're trying to be #healthy.

This pasta is delightful enough to take to a potluck or make for a date! The vegan version is just as good and both can be ready in <15 mins! So garlicky, so good. 

Melty, tangy cheese...

Fluffy, crispy dough...

A runny egg yolk...

Topped off with Hakka-ish Chili Crisp.

Here's our take on this Georgian classic! 

Spicy, crispy, tangy and delicious, make this Indo-Chinese takeout classic at home, Zing-ed up with a few heaping spoons of Hakka-ish Chili Crisp.

We're starting to feel the excitement of summertime just around the corner with these crispy, sticky, sweet wings with a little bit of a kick. 

If you haven't tried a kathi roll yet - run don't walk! To the kitchen we mean.

Want to impress with a really good app / snack? Make Aloo Tikki Chaat. You won’t believe how easy it is to replicate this Indian street food classic at home - pair it with a crisp, cool climate white wine or some bubbles (like Lambrusco!) and you're ready to party!